Two Month Anniversary

Two Month Anniversary

No, I won’t be one of those annoying people who posts ridiculous things like “Happy 57 month anniversary, babe” on Facebook, but for lack of creativity and ideas of what to blog this week (and I know y’all have been feeling incomplete since it has been a whole week since my last post), I will take time to acknowledge that it has been 2 months since Derrick and I tied the knot. Not that I plan on it ending ever, but I think we should feel pretty good that we have made it two months…that is longer than a lot of celebrity couples, e.g. Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Evelyn Lozada (41 days), Mario Lopez and Ali Landry (2 weeks), and Britney Spears and Jason Alexander (55 hrs) to name a few.

The other night Derrick and I read through the cards people filled out at our rehearsal dinner. Derrick’s sister printed off a Mad Lib type thing for guests at the rehearsal dinner to fill out. It went something along the lines of My name is _____ , I have known the couple _____ years, etc. You get the idea. The second section was advice. And while there were some really great ideas such as “Never run with scissors,” “Never bring home a girlfriend,” “My advice for a successful marriage is to always pretend to listen,” and one that hoped that 10 years from now we “daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance” (most of the Mad Lib was filled in with lines from that Faith Hill song “I Hope You Dance”…also might have been one of my favorite cards), there were also some solid bits of wisdom and love from our families and friends. So thank y’all for that.  It really has been quite a journey for us, but we feel so blessed that God brought us together, brought us to California, and continues to bless us in so many ways.

Here are a few random fun facts about me and Derrick that I just learned/realized myself when going through a scrapbook I started putting together after we had been dating.

1. We’ve gone to at least 40 sporting events since we’ve been together (which is a little over 3 years)

2. We’ve seen at least 40 movies in the theatres (this and #1 are based off of ticket stubs that I have so the count could be a little higher if I’ve lost a few ticket stubs along the way)

3. We’ve gone to 5 weddings (including ours) in 5 different states (GA, SC, NC, VA, and MI)

(I may have too much time on my hands since I am counting ticket stubs and such)

In other news, Derrick had a good birthday this week. We went to PF Changs and they are celebrating their 20th anniversary so we got 2 $10 gift cards for our next visit, so that’s always a great thing. I think we are hoping to get to IKEA this weekend to get one or two things to help finish up our organizational issues at the house, so I think next week I’ll finally be able to show our little updates to the apartment since we first moved in. And I think we may try to go to a movie this weekend; both The Wolverine and Red 2 are at the top of my “must-see” list.

And finally, since this has been a boring post with not much of any entertainment value, I have to admit my new guilty pleasure. Actually I don’t even feel guilty about it…I have gotten hooked on the show “America’s Got Talent.” Now, I almost always find these type of shows entertaining, but normally once the initial auditions go through, I lose interest and find it hard to keep watching (Exception: The Sing-off…that show that was all a Capella groups, because every week they performed and it never got boring to watch/listen to how talented those groups were).  For example I love the first auditions of “The Voice” (and I may or may not have a tiny crush on Adam Levine) but once they make selections, I kind of stop caring. Well the other night I caught 20 minutes of an episode of first round auditions on AGT. And if you don’t watch, there are 4 judges and the person or group comes out and performs and then the judges decide if they go on and unlike most of the other shows, this isn’t just singers. Yes, there are singers but there are also dancers, comedians, entertainers, magicians, you name it, they probably have it. The winner gets a million bucks and a headline show in Vegas. So then I turned on AGT last week and they were making cuts in Vegas and deciding who got to go to live shows at Radio City Music Hall. For whatever reason, this show has me hooked. I went back and watched some past bits of episodes to see what I had missed and now we have it set to record on the DVR. Derrick watches it with me (I think he may actually like the show too but maybe doesn’t want to admit it?). So all of that was basically a preface to these video clips of some of my absolute favorites so far in the competition (fast forward through the front bit to get to the actual performances)

and this–spoiler alert, they’ve already been eliminated from the show, but I still like the creativity of what they do:


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