I know what you might be thinking: why am I writing about the fear of the unusual cut of a monk’s hair?

Well, according to, tonsurephobia is the fear of haircuts. And, since says it, and because it is on the internet, it must be true. Well, Merriam and Webster still don’t seem to think that is a legitimate word, but let’s go with it and discuss my irrational fear of getting my hair cut.

I have had a few bad haircuts in my 25 years…I mean, who hasn’t? There was 9th grade when I thought I wanted really short hair, but I didn’t put layers in it, so I had a big poofball head for awhile until it grew out. And then there was my first haircut in Clemson where the girl asked if I wanted some thinning after she cut it since I have really thick hair. I told her that was fine, but her idea of thinning my hair was to cut all the way at my roots by my part. I could feel the fuzz where she cut that for weeks afterwards and it was rather traumatic. So I have developed a bit of a complex about letting new people cut my hair and how much I let them cut because, let’s face it, deep down I worry I will end up looking like this:

 or maybe this: 


Which would, of course, be terrible. At any rate, if you haven’t noticed, my hair had gotten REALLY long. I got a small haircut back in December (meaning maybe 2 inches cut off) and then a trim in April because I was trying to grow my hair out as long as possible for the style I wanted for our wedding. But even in April and May, the length was starting to annoy me. I have a lot of hair. And it is a lot of work to take care of when it is so long! And by now, the layers have all grown out and I just have one big pile of not-very-manageable hair, which means a lot of ponytails and not much else.

That brings us to me telling y’all that I got my hair cut on Sunday by someone new and it was a big deal for me. But I’m feeling separation anxiety from my hair. I cut off a lot. More than I think I would have liked but when you’re frustrated with your long hair, you do rash and drastic things. Derrick’s boss, who is from Venezuela, has his wife’s aunt in town visiting for awhile this summer. She lives in the Canary Islands where she runs a hair salon. On the 4th, Jhanis (Derrick’s boss) said something about her cutting his and his wife’s hair and I jokingly asked if she wanted to cut mine because she made a comment earlier about my beautiful hair. Well, they took me seriously so on Sunday I found myself in their garage getting my hair cut by a Venezuelan who doesn’t speak English. Jhanis’ wife helped translate between the two of us. I’m not going to lie, I was freaking out inside because I am so worried about letting new strange people mess with my hair. But her hair looked great and I figured that if she runs a successful salon in the Canary Islands, I shouldn’t end up looking like the pictures above. I told her how short I wanted her to cut it and she did a great job. But then I regretted how short I cut it.

But enough of me whining about it, here are before-and-after pictures:

IMG_2313 IMG_2314











IMG_2345 IMG_2348












Do you see how much of my hair is chopped off? Well, I’m learning to adjust to the shortness. The good thing about it being shorter is that I can actually style it again and use what is potentially my favorite hair product of all times: control paste by Aveda (thanks to my sister who recommended the product to me).

Anyway, that is about the only thing to share with y’all. We have been doing a few home improvement/unpacking things thanks to some newly inherited bookshelves but I will save that for another time because we still have a few more things to do to finally finish putting our apartment together. Other than that, it’s been another week of work for Derrick and the usual at-home stuff for me. Getting some more phone calls at least about jobs/interviews so that is promising. I got my California driver’s license in the mail this week, which was good…my picture turned out okay so I’m happy about that. Derrick went to the DMV this week too and took care of his license and registration and all that. And other than changing my last name on one or two other things, we finally have gotten all that junk out of the way…no more little errands to run or accounts to change or forms to fill out or anything. It feels great! I feel like now we can finally just enjoy being here and being settled.

This weekend the CEO of the company that Derrick works for is having a party at his house for all the employees and the people that work for him at Berkeley (he works for the national lab in Berkeley as well as being the CEO)  so that should be fun to meet more of Derrick’s coworkers and their families and new people from the lab as well (although Derrick worked with some of those people at LBNL too when he was here a few summers ago) and it will get me out of the house. Derrick’s birthday is on Tuesday but, as most grown-up birthdays go, he will be working and we don’t have any big plans to celebrate. We are starting to make some plans to do some sightseeing and exploring out here in the upcoming weeks/month, like a trip down to Santa Cruz, so hopefully I’ll have more exciting things to tell y’all about other than hair cuts and errands.

Have a great weekend!


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