Happy US Postage Stamp Day!

Happy US Postage Stamp Day!

What does this holiday even mean? It’s like Happy Reminder-that-the-government-is-ripping-you-off-in-every-way-possible Day. I mean seriously, 46 cents for a stamp now? And the post offices aren’t even open all day anymore or on weekends. I’m sending things by Pony Express from now on….but I digress. And I suppose for a regular holiday…to all my Canadian friends out there, Happy Canada Day.

So if you don’t follow the weather news, California/the west is experiencing a heat wave. What that means for us is that in our area, it is in the 90’s without much humidity. Pssshhh, this “heat” wave is child’s play compared to some of the summer weather I’ve experienced in the southeast where it can be in the 90’s with 90% humidity. Okay, it still is hot, and I’m actually having to run the AC during the day because the apartment gets too warm without it, but at least in our area, it really isn’t that bad to us; though for long-time bay dwellers, this weather is probably unbearable! I think SoCal is getting temperatures in the 100’s…more like Las Vegas/desert weather, so I’m thankful we are in the bay which keeps the temperatures down. And in Arizona they are having wildfires and lost 19 firefighters already, so keep Arizona and those families in your prayers.

In other Bay area news, the BART workers are on strike. BART is the major public transit/subway system used mostly in the north bay area aka San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley etc. BART doesn’t really come down to San Jose or other south bay or even east bay areas, so I am hoping this strike doesn’t affect us or our ability to get around too much, but I think it is going to make commutes even less fun for anybody trying to get into the city for work. They are saying the traffic didn’t seem to be too bad this morning but because we have the holiday this week, they think people are on vacation and such so traffic would be less anyway. Should be interesting to see how that all shakes out…

I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen…we had bananas that were turning brown/black pretty quick. They were past the point of me being able to eat them just as a regular banana, so I decided to find recipes that called for ripe bananas to try to use them up and keep them from going to waste.

So first, I found this recipe for frozen banana milkshakes. I made them Friday morning for breakfast for us:

Served in Clemson Tervis tumblers, of course.
Served in Clemson Tervis tumblers, of course.

They were really tasty and kept me satisfied until lunch time. I think you could probably put strawberries in it instead of chocolate chips for a different flavor, but you can never go wrong with chocolate at breakfast!

I also found this recipe and decided to try it, since it would help use up bananas AND would be a breakfast option. Again, there are chocolate chips in this breakfast bites, so that convinced me this was a good idea. They were pretty easy to make and turned out well. They are very dense and filling and I will definitely make them again.

And then, they were running a special at our grocery store for $0.99 cake mixes and I had a 5-ingredient cookie recipe that I wanted to try that called for a cake mix. (And I only had to buy 2 of the 5 ingredients!) The recipe is for a double chocolate cookie that includes chopped pecans. Topping with caramel to make a turtle cookie was suggested, so I tried that on some of the cookies, but not all. They turned out like this:

2013-06-28 12.19.22


The caramel drizzle was the only tricky thing and I’m convinced there should be a better way to do the caramel drizzle without having the mess and hassle that I had. But the cookies are delicious, even without the caramel. And they passed the husband test (aka my resident cookie monster liked them), so the recipe is a keeper.

After that, I was pretty burnt out with being in the kitchen. Not because I don’t like baking/cooking; on the contrary, it is like being in a chemistry lab so I could do that part all day. BUT you generate A LOT of dishes when you bake so much and I got tired of washing everything! So I think I’ll take some time off from baking for a little bit…plus we have a lot of cookies to last for some time so we don’t need more temptation in the house!

On Saturday, we went to an Oakland A’s baseball game in Oakland. I have been telling Derrick I won’t go to Oakland, but a coworker of his had extra tickets for the game on Saturday and invited us to go. The only reason I was convinced to go was because it was a day game and we were going with 6 other people. Safety in numbers in the daylight, right? The A’s were doing a special promo on Saturday….it was Coco Crisp Bernie Lean bobblehead day. First, you might be wondering….what is the Bernie Lean? And because the video on that link doesn’t work, check this out to see the Bernie Lean in action. The song that is playing is a popular hit and they play it at the ballpark. And with such catchy creative lyrics including “Kinda like a zombie, this the ish right here, yeah that’s all me/Y’all ain’t gotta focus, put a curve in ya back, scoliosis.” And the repeated question and answer of Can you bernie lean? I can bernie lean. Watch me bernie lean, it’s clearly a beautiful work of art…..Okay that’s a stretch, but it actually is pretty hilarious to watch people do it.

At any rate, only the first 15,000 fans would get a bobblehead and when we got there at 10:50 (the gates opened at 11 and the game wasn’t until 1), the lines into the stadium were ridiculously long! I will say this about Oakland A’s fans….they are dedicated! Derrick’s coworker and wife picked us up and drove, so the 4 of us got in line and we managed to get our Coco Crisp Bernie Lean bobbleheads.

Derrick is good at capturing me mid sentence with my mouth twisted up in weird ways...
Derrick is good at capturing me mid sentence with my mouth twisted up in weird ways…

The sun made it pretty uncomfortable for the first few innings of the game, in addition to the time we spent sitting waiting for the game to start, but eventually, the sun went behind where we were sitting so we were in the shade and then it felt great. The St. Louis Cardinals were in town and if you are a Braves fan, you are still bitter about that infamous infield fly rule call . Made it pretty easy to cheer for the A’s. And also I won’t be a SF Giants fan because they are National League rivals. And also the A’s have an elephant as their mascot, so that is pretty awesome! Unfortunately, the A’s got rocked, but the game was fun nonetheless. And it was nice to be social with new friends in this area, so it was a good time all around.

Yesterday was a lazy day of watching baseball and staying cool inside. We watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. It was kind of all over the place and pretty far-fetched, but it kept my attention so it couldn’t have been that bad. And it was infinitely more interesting to watch than the serious movie, Lincoln.

This week Derrick will get Thursday off work, so we are still trying to make some plans for the 4th. Otherwise it will be the daily grind of work for Derrick and stuff around the house/job hunting for me. I’ve had 3 interviews since being out here but have yet to hear anything else after that. I know God will work things out according to his plan so I’m trying to be patient about the whole job thing and just enjoy some time to have a lot of free time to run errands, bake, read, clean, work out, etc.

Because I probably won’t post again this week before the 4th of July, here is my Independence day treat to y’all….clips from the awesome musical 1776:


Happy Independence Day!


One thought on “Happy US Postage Stamp Day!

  1. “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” is a bit far-fetched, but hey, it has Rufus Sewell in it which makes it TOTALLY worth watching 🙂

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