Sitting Waiting Wishing

Sitting Waiting Wishing

This post is brought to you by me, as always, but is made hilariously entertaining (hopefully) thanks to internet memes.

This Jack Johnson song title seemed appropriate for what we’ve been doing a lot of lately, even though the song has absolutely nothing to do with waiting on a moving truck. But I have been doing a lot of sitting, a lot of waiting, and TONS of wishing, that our stuff would finally get here…Well, we have both our cars now! And the moving truck that has all the rest of our stuff is on schedule for delivery TOMORROW morning. I am so excited I don’t even think words could express it, so allow this meme to do it for me:

Alright, so we can see how excited I am, right? Okay good.

Made another big step in the whole “get-settled-into-married-life-in-California” thing today. I went to the SS office (no, not the German Nazi police force, the Social Security office…) and applied for my name change! And waiting at the social security office was a lot of fun too…almost as fun as I envision the DMV will be this week too. This is how I feel about that:

 and  this: 

But, you know what, if all our stuff gets unloaded off a moving truck tomorrow and is in my apartment, then I suppose I will try to endure the DMV.


Um so we went to the farmers’ market again this weekend. We decided to have our breakfast there, so we split this delicious strawberry banana Nutella crêpe (pronounced creep if you are Derrick making fun of the name): It was amazingly delicious (although if you put Nutella on anything I think it automatically makes it amazing)

2013-06-15 09.18.40After breakfast, we got some fruit and a few German pretzels from the German bakery stand I mentioned last time. The fruit is great as always, and I see more visits to the German bakery stand at the farmers’ market in our future!

We went to see the new Superman movie, Man of Steel this weekend. It was really good, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you probably should

We joined a gym this weekend too. When we were getting a tour of the gym, we saw San Francisco 49er cheerleaders working out. They were in the classroom practicing I guess? At any rate, I was thinking:

But they gym was really nice so I decided I wouldn’t prevent us from getting a membership there because of the cheerleaders. Although Derrick said I could just be an NFL cheerleader if the whole chemistry PhD thing doesn’t work out…

So now that we are finally to this point, I am starting to feel more at home here. I did my first driving in California this weekend when we got my car (I actually haven’t driven a car since about May 26th or so!) and ran some errands today so it feels less like vacation and more like real life.

I’m off to vacuum the carpet and put the few belongings we have here with us in the closet so they’re out of the way when the movers get here tomorrow. I’m excited to be able to show off pictures of our new home with all our things here! 

And finally because this post was brought to you in part by funny memes, and also because there were dirty nasty seagulls by the movie theater this weekend and I really don’t like birds because they will peck your eyes out, enjoy this:

Angry birds Nope, you don't mess with Africa.



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