What a difference a week makes…

What a difference a week makes…

…or not. Okay, so that isn’t totally true because we have started to get a little more familiar with our new home, BUT we still are living just as we were last week when we got off the plane. Why? Because none of our stuff is here yet. Nor are the cars. Derrick has a rental car to use to get to work so we can get to some places in the evenings and weekend, which is helpful. But thank goodness for our one pillow and air mattress and comforter that we packed in the suitcases; I don’t think either of us anticipated having to use it for this long. Do you know how uncomfortable an air mattress is after a few nights? Well let’s just say I think both my back and Derrick’s back will appreciate the real bed/mattress when it gets here!

Doesn't this look warm and inviting in the middle of our living room?
Doesn’t this look cozy and inviting in the middle of our living room?

We have heard so many different stories about the truck that our stuff is on. Well apparently it went to Florida when it left Georgia. We’re not sure why since the movers that came to our apartment said the truck had to make a stop in Texas and then was going to California. And then we heard it would be in California by this past Monday/Tuesday. But yesterday we were told that “something” happened in Texas and now it won’t get to California until this weekend, probably. And then once it gets here on the 18-wheeler it has to get put on a smaller truck for delivery to our apartment. I’m so mad. I think they are lying to us, I think they are treating us badly because they know they can and they are holding our stuff hostage basically. But as Derrick keeps reminding me, there isn’t a dang thing we can do about it  at this point so there’s no point getting upset about it. And he is right, but at the same time, he doesn’t have to sit in an empty apartment all day long with nothing. I’ve gotten to the point though where I will just be so grateful if all our stuff shows up not broken and damaged or missing anything that I don’t even care when that is.

If everything goes right though, which it probably won’t seeing as our moving luck hasn’t been so swell thus far, by the end of the week next week we should have the cars, our stuff, our new licenses, my name change should be processing and we can finally just start to settle into a routine and life out here. 

Oh I lied, we have more than the stuff we brought on the plane with us! Mom got us the vacuum cleaner that we registered for but waited to ship it until we got to California. It came yesterday and is pretty awesome at picking up cat hair, so that makes it a great vacuum in my book.

2013-06-12 12.21.21

In the meantime, what have we been up to and exploring? Well last weekend we went to a local farmers’ market near our apartment complex. There are so many markets in a bunch of cities around here on the weekends and they all pretty much run year-round, so that’s something I’m really looking forward to patronizing. The market we went to last weekend had so much! Since we can’t cook (because we don’t have our stuff, not sure if I mentioned that or not, but we don’t have anything…), we just bought some fresh fruit. And some gluten-free cupcake thing, but there was plenty of fresh produce. There was also a fresh bread stand, a German bakery stand that had the most amazing-looking rolls and bread, a Mediterranean food stand, a crepe stand, and others that I’m sure I am forgetting. The best part is that most stands had free samples, even the fruit stands so you could probably make a meal out of visiting the market! 

Our spoils from the farmers' market
Our spoils from the farmers’ market

We also tried out one of the pools at our complex. It actually got up into the upper 80’s on Saturday so it was warm enough for the pool. It has mostly been in the mid 70’s as a high since we’ve gotten here, so I haven’t been too keen to go to the pool much besides Saturday.

Sunday night we visited the food trucks that came to our community (and apparently come most Sunday nights). This week there was a Thai truck and a Cantonese/Hawaiian/I’m not sure what truck. We decided to get food from each and split it all. 

See how fancy we are with our plastic forks eating out of the cardboard containers?
See how fancy we are with our plastic forks eating out of the cardboard containers?

It was all delicious and there was enough for us both to have dinner Monday night from the leftovers, so it was well worth the visit to the trucks.

Our other big excitement this week was that our box showed up from Comcast to have internet in the apartment, which means I don’t have to leave the apartment when I need to get online to look for jobs, post blogs, read up on container gardening (I’m determined to try to grow some herbs and tomatoes on our back patio, but I’m still trying to see how much sun exposure we get), or look for recipes that I want to try once our stuff gets here (hey wait, did I forget to mention that we are still waiting on the movers to bring us our stuff?). So the cats and I hang out most of the day together. I’ve been writing wedding thank you notes, reading a lot, and have recently picked up a cross-stitch project that I started awhile ago and still haven’t finished when I’m not scouring the internet for jobs.

As you can see, they have a rough life and are not adjusting to the new apartment at all.
As you can see, the cats have a rough life and are not adjusting to the new apartment at all.

 Next time I post an update, I’m really hoping it is because everything is here and we finally can put our first apartment together! Hoping all our family and friends have stayed safe in the heat and rain and storms that have been hitting/are hitting the east.



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